Ground Zero imam plays the innocent sweetheart when it suits his game.

Oh, no. Tolerance is only a one way street.

In a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations, Imam Rauf, the head of the Ground Zero mosque, said that he is a reasonable man and that he would never, ever think for one second of being insensitive.

“Everything is on the table,” he said with relation to the mosque location.

He added that the mosque is not hallowed ground.

Here is my response:

Inside Cordoba House, the name of the new mosque, is part of one of the planes that flew into the WTC.

Cordoba House is named after the city in Spain, Cordoba, where the victorious Muslims destroyed the largest church and built a very large mosque which still stands. According to Muslim law, no mosque may ever be removed from its site.

The 13 story Cordoba House mosque will tower over Ground Zero, which, along with the site of the mosque and the plane there, is hallowed ground. This site is a deliberate choice on the part of those who want a symbol of Islam overlooking the site of a mass grave of 3,000 New Yorkers who were murdered in the name of Islam.

The Arabic word Islam translates into English as “submission”.

Recently, one of the last bastions of moderate Islam, Turkey, fell to the extremists who have now taken over the entire religion. A referendum was passed which gives the ruling Islamic Party power over picking the judiciary. The Islamist immediately announced that Muslim law, sharia, will be imposed on Turkey, a previously secular state. Women are now wearing the veil in Turkey just as they now are in Gaza, which before Hamas , the Islamists ,took power, was largely secular.

There is no going back to a secular life once sharia is imposed.

The imam is playing a game with us until he and his cronies get what they want, our submission to their demands.

If you want us to show respect, Imam Rauf, try showing some yourself first. You are a guest in this country. Act like one and don’t push us around.

You may just find that we will push back.


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