Rick Sanchez: Jews rule CNN. Fired.

Rick Sanchez likes to talk.

As with all good things, there is a time to shut up.

Today he was fired from his job at CNN for calling Jon Stewart, the host of The Daily Show, ” a bigot”. The reason Stewart, who is Jewish and proud of it, is no good, he said, is because Jews rule CNN and all the networks.

Following a massive outpouring of condemnation, CNN fired Sanchez.

Now he has joined the ranks of the unemployed.

He reportedly has moved in with Helen Thomas until he finds a new job.

Maybe he can work for Al-Jazeera.


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2 Responses to Rick Sanchez: Jews rule CNN. Fired.

  1. TaterSalad says:

    Sanchez, a staunch supporter of Barack Obama is going to the unemployment lines 2 years earlier than Obama himself. Have a nice day because no one will hire you now……….except maybe MSNBC who have the lowest ratings of all.

  2. kcramone says:

    I listened to the entire interview. What comes through more than Sanchez’ misguided anti-semitism is his own inferiority complex at being an Hispanic-American (thinking of himself as second class) and his palpable jealousy of Jon Stewart’s popularity. He doesn’t seem to be very well educated and I think this lack of intellectualism is a sore point. Thus, the hackneyed, “Blame the Jews, blame the Jews…” A few more books and a little less bluster would seve him well.

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