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NJ Jewish paper unlikely to reverse decision in face of orthodox threats.

    People familiar with the situation in Teaneck, NJ, the home of the NJ Jewish Standard, caution that it is extremely unlikely that the publisher of the newspaper, James Janoff, will reverse his policy of refusing to publish same-sex … Continue reading

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Russians steal Jewish library, Refuse to return.

The Chabad- Lubavitch Hasidic sect was started in Russia in the nineteenth-century. It has had a long line of famous leaders, all of whom were born in Russia. However, when the Nazis came they were either killed or escaped with … Continue reading

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Hasidic Sex Symbol: Punk Jews

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Hasidic sex symbols. Several year ago, still sporting payess and a more-or-less Chasidic appearance, I met a girl in Greenwich village who stopped me on McDougal Street to tell me, “I think Hasidic … Continue reading

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Russian President visits Yiddish-speaking Jewish homeland.

Dimitry Medvedev, the president of Russia, has come to Birobidzhan, the only Yiddish-speaking Jewish homeland outside of Brooklyn. Asked at the local airport why he had come to the Jewish Autonomous Republic, he said, ” If you only knew how … Continue reading

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Jewish tombstones used to pave roads in Ukraine.

KIEV – Brothers David and Zvika Gorvitch, who travelled to Bogoslav, Ukraine, in search of their grandfather’s final resting place, were shocked to find at the entrance to the city’s municipality building, that the stones on the pavement were actually … Continue reading

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Kick me, I’m Jewish. Jewish Decoys in the Netherlands.

Here in the States there are certain neighborhoods where anyone dressed with a yarmulka ( Jewish skull cap) or wearing orthodox garb, stands a good chance of inviting verbal attacks and possibly physical violence. The situation is even worse in … Continue reading

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Yiddish alive and doing quite well, thank you.

For years I have been hearing secular Jews tell me that Yiddish is dead. Meanwhile, people have continued to speak Yiddish but, if you listen to the rest of the world, they don’t exist or, maybe, don’t count. While languages … Continue reading

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