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Russians steal Jewish library, Refuse to return.

The Chabad- Lubavitch Hasidic sect was started in Russia in the nineteenth-century. It has had a long line of famous leaders, all of whom were born in Russia. However, when the Nazis came they were either killed or escaped with … Continue reading

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Yenta du jour. New York, where else?

It’s a boyd, no it’s a plane. Whatever it is, don’t answer the phone. She’s at it again. She doesn’t understand the word, “No.” She’s your best friend whether you want her or not. She’s the yenta from hell. Geri … Continue reading

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Hasidic Sex Symbol: Punk Jews

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Hasidic sex symbols. Several year ago, still sporting payess and a more-or-less Chasidic appearance, I met a girl in Greenwich village who stopped me on McDougal Street to tell me, “I think Hasidic … Continue reading

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NY Times questions Christian/Jewish donations to Israel.

The NY Times on Monday, 5 July, published a front page article (online) entitled, Tax-exempt funds aid settlements in West Bank. The article argues that US donations from established charities are going to help West Bank residents and that this … Continue reading

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Yiddish alive and doing quite well, thank you.

For years I have been hearing secular Jews tell me that Yiddish is dead. Meanwhile, people have continued to speak Yiddish but, if you listen to the rest of the world, they don’t exist or, maybe, don’t count. While languages … Continue reading

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US Hasidic town wins first prize…for poverty.

Kiryas Yoel, a Hasidic town in upper New York state, has now earned the dubious distinction of being the fastest growing place in the region as well as the poorest city in America and the one with the greatest number … Continue reading

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Black Jews fight in Harlem.

Founded in 1919 by  Wentworth Arthur Matthew, the Commandment Keepers Synagogue, was a black congregation in Harlem which kept many of the Jewish laws and also was inspired by the teachings of Marcus Garvey, a black nationalist leader. “The Black … Continue reading

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