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Canadian blog sued for link.

Blazing cat fur, a well-known Canadian blog, has been sued for providing a link!! The man who brought the suit, Richard Warman, apparently is quite fond of suing anyone who disagrees with him, according to the link below which we … Continue reading

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Rabbis: sex with the enemy is kosher.

For the attention of “Cindy,” the Mossad agent who seduced the atomic spy, Mordechai Vanunu: a new Halachic study has established that it is a mitzvah to have sex with a terrorist for operational purposes. The new study establishes guidelines … Continue reading

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Brooks and Shields agree: NPR screwed up with Juan Williams.

Here is the transcript of what David Brooks, conservative pundit, and Shields, a liberal commentator and journalist, said on PBS News Hour: JUDY WOODRUFF: Thirty seconds left. The firing of Juan Williams, the analyst, by National Public Radio: the meaning … Continue reading

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Juan Williams boomerang: NPR terrified with backlash.

Apparently, NPR has now realized that Americans will not stand for its one-sided coverage of news. There is a red line which one cannot cross without some backlash. Firing Juan Williams for saying what he thought, on another station, brought … Continue reading

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NPR fires Juan Williams for remarks opposing jihad.

NPR fired Juan Williams, one of its senior news analysts, after he made comments opposing jihad and linking it with Muslims on the Fox News Channel. NPR said in a statement that it gave Mr. Williams notice of his termination … Continue reading

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Islamic apartheid alive and well.

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Israel is the Jewish homeland. Get used to it.

    The following is an op-ed which Israel’s Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, published in the NY Times. Because of its importance, we are reprinting it in its entirety. NEARLY 63 years after the United Nations recognized the … Continue reading

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