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NJ Jewish paper threatened by orthodox thugs.

Our previous story detailed the decision by the NJ Jewish Standard to change its policy of printing announcements of local Jewish couples by specifically excluding same-sex unions authorized by New Jersey law. After we published the story we were inundated … Continue reading

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Arab boycott of Israel backfires, screws Palestinians.

Walid Shoebat, a Palestinian terrorist has switched sides. He now has his own blog to support Israel and the USA. He realized that his support of Islamization was just hurting his own people. In a recent post he explains how … Continue reading

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My son, the toilet paper king.

Marc Polish is a self-proclaimed “idea machine.” An entrepreneur by every definition of the word, he has built numerous businesses over his life, from hot dog stands to humorous T-shirt companies to a designer toilet paper business. So when Newark … Continue reading

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Israel to older immigrants: No work!!

The Jewish state constantly says that it wants Jews to immigrate and settle down. But if you are an older immigrant don’t expect to get a decent job. This seems to be the consensus of recent interviews with older, highly qualified … Continue reading

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Fund manager wants to short Obama, China.

If he’s not Jewish he should be. Hugh Hendry has a big mouth, as Hugh Hendry will tell you. With a sharp wit and a sharper tongue, Mr. Hendry, a plain-spoken Scot, has positioned himself as the public contrarian thinker … Continue reading

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Israel ditches Turkey for Greece.

Turkey is telling Israel that it will break relations and all sorts of other threats unless the Jewish state apologizes for defending itself from Turkish-sponsored flotillas bringing supplies to the enemy. Israel’s response has been to upgrade its relationship with … Continue reading

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“We hate Israel”, five set free after they trash UK factory.

Five British criminals who broke into a factory and caused £180,000 worth of damage were not only found not guilty but actually praised by the judge after they announced that their crime was because they hate Israel. The five were … Continue reading

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