NY Times: comment on Islam abusive and objectionable.

Violence in the name of Islam is OK; NY Times.

Recently I read an article in the NY Times in which the Pakistanis  said that their violence against fellow Pakistanis by a mob was inhumane.

Here is the summary the newspaper presented:

Pakistanis Ask What a Lynching Means

Video showing the murder of two teenage brothers by a mob last month in the town of Sialkot has shocked Pakistanis and led to a debate about what the killings say about the state of civil society in the country.

Share your thoughts.


I shared my thoughts.

I asked in my comment why is it that they were so upset about a random act of violence by a mob in Pakistan but that daily violence against women, homosexuals, non-Muslims, those seeking to leave Islam under the pain of death,  forcible conversion to Islam, jihad and other constant acts of violence in the name of  Allah, the compassionate, the all-merciful, were not upsetting?

They printed my comment.

I received the following:

Thank you for participating on NYTimes.com. Your published submission can be found at this link: the link followed.

I went to the link and found the following:

September 15th, 2010
9:19 pm

This comment has been removed. Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive.


If you go to the link I was sent you will find that even the above was removed.

More and more I am finding that the media is going overboard to censor itself for fear of Muslim criticism.

When they burn a Bible we just roll over and go back to sleep.

When we just speak of burning a Koran ( why even do it when you can just recycle it for toilet paper?) they have mass riots all over the Muslim world.

They say that we are insensitive when we question their acts and words in the name of Allah. However, our sensitivity is never an issue for them.

We are witnessing a mass temper tantrum by the world’s most immature civilization.

Anger management doesn’t seem to be an option for our Muslim neighbors.

Here is the NY Times link I received. My comment, number 15, no longer is even visible since they just removed it.


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3 Responses to NY Times: comment on Islam abusive and objectionable.

  1. Hoarfrost says:

    I believe you!

    We have come down to this!

  2. TaterSalad says:

    If the Muslims don’t get their way on “anything” they will bring you this. Watch this video (graphic) and then tell us that Islam is the “Religion of Peace”. They are animals and we should ban all immigration into the United States now. This is the true Islam! If a Muslim will not denounce Hamas as a terrorist organization then it is obvious that they support this below:














  3. Mobamad says:

    Hey bud, I think that you will find that the New York Times will delete any thing that does not fit into the pre programed agenda of the glorious leader, and the shining socialist city on the hill, or pretty much any thing that tells it how it is concerning Muslims. Their quest for genocidal glory, and the perfect propaganda piece demonizing Isreal as the big bad wolf.
    If it does not talk of Muslims being a multicultural dream boat, you might as well forget about it. I have.

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